Discover The Ultimate Private Sporting Club at Hageman Reserve.

After watching our video and meeting some of our Members we know that you are going to want to find out how you can help shape the traditions at Hageman Reserve!

A Sporting Club Unlike Any Other

Membership will be limited to preserve the habitat and the camaraderie among Members.

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Membership Launch

Building on the history of this rare and fruitful land and its European heritage, the inspiration for Hageman Reserve comes from the Old World. With a mystique all its own, Members and their guests will treasure the club’s unique blend of endless adventures, classic traditions, informal luxury, and life-long camaraderie. This intimate, invitation-only  sportsman’s culture extends to a total way of leisure life on the Reserve, which includes world-class hunting, culinary, social and wildlife interaction.

The Hageman family is pleased to extend a limited number of exclusive private memberships, and welcomes you to build on the legend, live in the moment, and pass down the legacy.  

It’s the kind of place you can bring guests or business partners who have never been before, they instantly feel at ease and you can build relationships that extend far beyond The Reserve.

– Steve Leath - University President

For its limited number of Members and their guests, the Hageman Reserve presents an exceptional hunting, fishing and shooting experience, delivered by knowledgeable guides in a sustainable habitat. It extends this intimate sportsmanlike culture to a total way of life on the Reserve, which includes world-class culinary, social and wildlife interaction.

Borrowing from the history of the land and its European heritage, the inspiration for the new Reserve comes from the Old World way of doing things. This membership will be passed down through generations, with the underlying philosophy that the way we do things is as important as what we do. This is the way the sport and the hunt were intended to be.

With its origins as a family retreat and working ranch, the Reserve intends to continue this intimacy, evolving this core value of respectful relationships to all involved with the Reserve. In essence, the passion is to build on the partnerships, confidence, and communication bonds that develop in the experiences and memories that are made here. 

The Reserve’s intentionally sculpted landscape creates discovery views and surprises. An Old World inspired hunting lodge. Phenomenal food and wine pairings. Rolling vineyards in Texas flatlands. There is always something new and refreshingly unexpected for Members and their guests to discover.

The Hageman family and their extended partners feel blessed to be the curators of this land, and have a sincere respect for it, its Members and their guests, and the wildlife on it. There is a passion to make the Reserve personally rewarding and naturally balanced, both to create the ultimate outdoor sporting experience and to add to the world as a whole.