One of the best things about it being a private club is that I will know each person individually. 

– Mike Mize - Shooting Instructor

Private and Group Instruction Available for Members

Hone your skills

Call it creativity and the clays. Crafted for the ultimate in realism and skill training for all firearm types, a variety of games replicate both the physicality and excitement of field situations. Beyond compare in the world, it’s a technical and tactical exercise, and a full course press that approaches the rush of the hunt like no other.

Our Sports Shooting program is unlike any other.  All  Members need to do is let our Pro Shop staff know they would like to shoot and their firearm will be removed from our locked safe and will be waiting for them at the complex.  Offering shotgun, rifle and pistol areas, you could find yourself spending the day enjoying our Sporting Games.

Mike Mize, Shooting Instructor at Hageman Reserve, has over 30 years experience in the outdoor industry. Mike was one of the first in Sporting Clays, a leader and innovator in commercial hunting lodges, game bird propagation, shotgun shooting instruction, sporting clay course design and target setting.